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Heavy Hitters Air Mitts

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Revgear “Heavy Hitters” Air Focus Mitts are leather and are padded with more than 3” of shock dispersing padding. The high performance padding makes these mitts perfect for heavy hitters and easy for holders to hold for long periods of time. Unique air pocket in target area lessens the weight of the mitts allowing holder to move faster and transition more smoothly through drills. Fully adjustable padded Ultra-Lock™ hook and loop closure for a secure hand fit. Full back finger covering.

This pad has become an acclaimed first choice pad for top professional boxing and MMA coaches all over the world with names such as Joey Rodriguez, Eddie Cha, Rafael Cordeiro and Erik Paulson using them as their prefered option.

Leather 10oz Boxing Gloves

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The Faze 101 boxing glove is made from a top quality leather hide. Superb moulded knuckle area and great inner grip comfort!

It is moulded beautifully to fit the hand perfectly and is the recognized
weight of 10 ounces.

This is the weight used in all the top circuits for continuous semi contact and full contact. It is now being used a lot by the mixed martial arts styles for sparring etc.

It has quick release velcro strap to tighten around the wrist area, to hold the glove firmly and comfortably during your fighting or sparring.