Kickboxing Kit Options

Last Updated 14th April 2020.

This is just a quick guide to budget, mid-range, and high end Boxing / Muay Thai equipment for my classes and PTs.

I’ve provided links to where you can buy the equipment yourself.

Alternatively, I have limited stock you can buy from me. See Shop

Any questions, please feel free to ask.

Boxing Gloves

Budget GlovesHigh End Gloves
RDX Noir Boxing Gloves
Most RDX Boxing Gloves are pretty good budget to mid-range gloves.
Currently, there is a pair of RDX Noir gloves on Amazon which are pretty good at around £30.
** Follow their sizing guide.
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Good Brands Of High End Gloves
Revgear S5 All Rounder
and many more
** High End Gloves will start at £80+
** Follow Their Sizing Guides.

Focus Mitts

Budget Focus Mitts / PadsHigh End Focus Mitts / Pads
Most RDX Boxing Pads Focus Mitts are okay.
I would avoid the RDX Noir Pads as they feel like concrete.
Check the reviews. The ones below are currently on Amazon for around £29.99
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High End Pads Inc

I have some high end limited stock of Revgear Focus Mitts. See Here

Hand Wraps (Recommended)

It’s always a good idea to wear wraps under your gloves for wrist support, especially as you start to strike harder.

Meister 180″ Elastic Cotton Hand Wraps for MMA & Boxing (Pair) are great wraps, and cost around £7 a pair.

Click on the picture to go to Amazon and see reviews, or click Here

Mouth Guard (Optional – ask me before buying)

Coming Soon…

Shin Pads (Optional – ask me before buying)

Quality Brands Include


Fairtex (Note: Fairtex SPF5s are great)



Yokkao and many more